Influencers – More power to you!

Gone are the days of people saying.. ‘you are an influencer..what’s that?’ WardWilliams Creative love all things social and influencers and youtubers are a major part of that world. Most get as far as they can on their own but will find at some point that they need some help… when that happens… we are ready and waiting to help.

  • Help with the structure of your business
  • Advice from people who understand your world
  • Available and flexible service

Common issues are arranging personal tax returns and getting the most efficient tax structure in place, understanding what can be claimed as business expenses and general business support and advice as you grow.  We can help with all of that and more. No matter your choice of platform or channel, we can help sort out the finance issues so that you can put your efforts in to creating great content.

We also know you may want to check in for updates, ask questions about things that crop up and just have someone hold your hand a bit when dealing with new things, well that’s fine with us. The creatives team is always here ready to help, have a chat and see if we can unpick things for you.

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