Why we love Creative Start-Ups

WardWilliams Creative really does love start-ups. They come in all shapes and sizes, and none more intriguing than the Creative Start-up. We love being there from the beginning, when that first creative spark hits, followed by the excitement of bringing that idea to fruition. We can help turn your ideas into a business, and continue to support you on your journey.

As with all new business and start-ups, there are many questions; how much does a start-up cost? How do I get investment for my creative start-up? Are there any grants or funds available for my kind of creative project?

We are experts and can support your business all the way.

  • Funding and Investment for Creative Start-Ups
  • Funding via Creative England & Arts Council
  • Investment for London based Creative Start-Ups

How to start a Creative Start-Up!

We have supported many London based creative start-ups. Talk us through your idea in full confidentiality, and we can get the ball rolling. There are many options open to you. We can point you in the right direction, and provide all the support you need to run and grow your new creative business.

Funding and Investment for Creative Start-Ups in London

There are many types of specific creative funds available. The UK’s creative successes are from a combination of public and private investment. Of the government funding, much is regional so we would look at funds in London specifically. There are many schemes available and with our vast experience, we can help source the right funding solution for your creative start-up. We can assist with the application process or point you in the right direction.

Funding via Creative England & Arts Council

There are many funds and grants available for specific purposes. There are funds available for short and feature films, for TV, theatre and live performance. There are also awards for gaming, writing, exhibitions and installations, as well as education, sector and talent development.

Investment for London based Creative Start-Ups

There are also investment avenues to explore. We can help secure an angel investor or venture capital investment for your tech start-up. We can also advise on using a fundraising platform like Kickstarter. There are also more traditional ways of sourcing investment such as from a bank or financial institution. We can help write a business plan to secure than investment as well as create investment packs for potential investors.

Begin your Creative Start-Up Success Story today

Get in touch, come and have a chat about your idea or small business. We will endeavour to provide all the support we can and experience we have to help you get to where you want to be with your project.

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