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How to spend 5 years on Social Media

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According to AdWeek we spend 5 years of our lives on social media.   In fact, we spend more time on social media than we do eating, grooming, socialising or doing the laundry!

Let that sink in.

5 years.

On social media.

Other things you could do with that time include walking the great wall of china 3.5 times, running over 10,000 marathons and climbing mount everest 32 times.  If those suggestions alone are enough to make you reach for your digital device in exhaustion, then you may as well spend your 5 years wisely.

We’ve scoured the net (so you don’t have to), and found the most follow-worthy social media accounts for creative types.  Enjoy!


Go, See, Write

A collection of travel stories, blogs, videos, and photographs from permanent traveller Michael Hodson. For those who like to stare dreamily at where they’d rather be, this page is half envy-inspiring travel catalogue, half thought provoking social commentary about the human condition. Guaranteed to offer different perspectives.

Pick The Brain

A self-improvement site focusing on productivity, motivation and confidence.  Pick the Brain offers everything from short motivational morning reads, to practical how-to articles and advice from professionals.


Keeping you up to date with everything tech, Re/code is the one stop page for everyone who needs to know what’s happening, but doesn’t know where to find it!

And of course,


Always a source of inspiration – just be careful, you may find yourself spending longer than 5 years on this one!




 Humans of New York is from the famous Facebook page that turned into a book, chronicling encounters and unique stories of the residents and visitors of New York City.



Are you as well traveled as Mr. Fox?  Offering you a peak of everywhere from the beaches of Florida to the city life of Italy – we suggest you get out more!


TalentHouse @talenthouse

Visual inspiration and creativity are guaranteed if you follow this page. Their content is mostly focused on pictures and creative ideas, the perfect place for your visual inspiration.

Tim Brown @tceb62 & @ideo

Wellknown for his TED talks, designer, Tim Brown, tweets about creativity, design and his presence on different events. Tim is CEO and President of IDEO – a global design company making him a key influencer.

Creative Bloq @CreativeBloq

Bright, intense, inspiral and motivating one, this one is a mix of text & pictures with something for everyone.

Now you are suitable inspired you can have some funny stuff too…

Matthew Inman

Matthew Inman, known on the Web and Twitter as @Oatmeal is a famous web designer who publishes funny comics on his website.


Condescending Wonka

@OhWonka account is born from the famous Internet meme. This character is known for his sarcastic and patronizing captions.





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