We offer a wide range of services from the obvious tax advice and accountancy, to lesser known business support such as helping clients to raise finance, or dealing with business valuations and obtaining grants.

Business type

We work with all sorts of businesses but they fall into the following groupings, obviously there is a lot of crossover so don't be surprised it you find more than hat for yourself.

  • Small Business

    We love the small business, you have the capacity to grow, re structure, streamline and act fast… you are the exciting businesses and we want to see you reach your potential. It is you – the small businesses which boost the economy and help get money moving in local communities and and further a field. you […]

  • Self Employed Creative

    Year end tax returns and advice on what is an allowable expense, sometimes that’s all you need.

  • Management Support

    A good manager knows which areas they need support in, we come in and offer that support.

  • Tax Credits & Reliefs

    R&D credits are not just for people in white coats – they are for everyday businesses like you

  • Looking for Funding

    There are more ways to raise finance now than ever before, not just loans and investors but grant funding, factoring, crowd funding and government schemes, you just need the help to know what you can get from whom.

  • Business Growth

    Start up or established business – if you are looking to grow and need a plan then we can help you establish what needs to be done and how you might do it.

  • Tech & Creative Start Ups

    You have a great idea, you know how to get the ball rolling in your area of expertise but the idea of setting up a company is in the realm of the unknown.


Above and beyond the standard accountancy help you can get from any accountancy firm, we have lots of experience and knowhow in the below areas so we can add value in more than just the obvious ways.

  • TV, Film & Entertainment

    We can help you source funding, or process and claim the relevant tax reliefs and grants for your project.

  • Creatives & Freelancers

    When you are a creative freelancer your focus should be on getting the next paid job not worrying about your receipts or how to complete a tax return.

  • Gaming

    We can help find funding be that loans, grants or investors and try to help your cashflow with possible innovation tax reliefs and creative industry schemes.

  • Technology & Software

    Software or IT platforms require a lot of development, maybe you need help with systems or knowing what qualifies for an R&D claim, or if you may qualify for an innovation grant.

  • PR, Marketing & Advertising

    No need to worry about the bookkeeping or annual accounts, that looming VAT return or PAYE due, we can deal with that whilst you wow your clients.

David Knull
“WardWilliams Creative not only understand the unique needs of creative businesses, but they are fun and engaging accountants that makes for an exceptional experience” David Knull, Entrepreneur


How do we help people in their business?

Accountancy Services

If you run a business then there are specific legal requirements you must adhere to each year, submitting business accounts is one of these requirements. This is where we step in to help you with a tax return or full company accounts to submit to Companies house. Either way we have years of experience in this area and can make it timely and painless for you.

Business Support

This is a broad area, this could mean you need us to review your processes and give you some ideas to improve how you do things. Or maybe you are short staffed and need us to take on some of the tasks you were doing in-house. You might need help writing a business plan or completing an application for a loan or grant. Tell us how you need help and we will find a way.


One of the most time consuming and dreaded tasks in business is keeping the records in good shape and in a timely manner. We can offer you some tips to help, or we can take it off your hands altogether.


VAT can be a complex areas and is by far the area we get the most questions about. We can assist you when you are doing your VAT returns or we can complete it all for you. You decide on the level of service you require and we provide it with a smile.

Tax Compliance & Planning

Everyone wants to pay less tax. That means getting your affairs in order and planned out so that you can do just that. Our personal and corporate tax advisers can let you know what you can do to reduce taxes without slowing down your business.

Specialist areas:
Creative industry tax
Film/ TV/ gaming reliefs
R&D ( Innovation) reliefs
SEIS and EIS companies


It may be just you on the basic minimum wage, or an entire team all with different adjustments and benefits. Whatever you need for your payroll we have it covered.

Monthly payroll runs
P60 and P45s

Company Secretarial

There are various requirements you need to satisfy when you run a company and our Company Secretarial service can take the pressure off. We can do any and or of the following:
Routine compliance covering statutory filing with Companies House.
Advice to Directors of their codified duties and best practice.
Registered office.
Company formation.
Company restoration
Updating / revising Articles of Association.
Shareholder agreements.
Trade marks.
Share options.

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