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Top Tips to Spring Clean your Finances and Creativity

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Spring Clean your Finances and Creativity

Spring Clean your Finances and Creativity

As we leave behind the darkness of winter spring marks the time for new starts, fresh buds, and an urge to de-clutter.  Coincidently the new financial year starts this month and with this in mind here are our top tips to spring clean your creativity and work life.

Image courtesy of ALJ Photography

Image courtesy of ALJ Photography


Tidy your desk/organise your work space – It is proven that to tidy, clear and declutter your work space not only helps to feel more productive but it also makes you more in control. One of those little life hacks that just work.  Make this the top of your to do list.

Be ruthless! Say goodbye to things that no longer serve you – empty paint pots, magazines, whatever is clogging up/cluttering your creative space.

Freshen up Changing your environment can help give a new perspective and enthusiasm for your work space.  Take the opportunity to change it somehow, perhaps with either a lick of paint, rearranging the furniture or changing the pictures that hang on your walls.

Generate fresh ideas

  • Use the tried and tested Mind Map to unlock the creative potential that has been hibernating over winter.
  • Look back through old notebooks/sketch books – you may have a gem of an idea hidden in there…
  • Morning pages – This idea, developed by Julia Cameron is to write (preferably first thing in the morning), 3 pages of automatic writing.  This means you put pen to paper and just start writing, a mind dump essentially.  It is not intended to be used for anything but is a great way to clear your mind and perhaps discover things you didn’t know….Brain-sweep complete, it’s time to get on with the day.
  • Step away from the desk or office and get into nature, let Spring itself inspire you

Image courtesy of ALJ Photography

Image courtesy of ALJ Photography


Tax returns are a pain in the proverbial, we all have to do them and the very best advice WardWilliams Creative can give is:

  • be organised
  • keep records/receipts
  • hold back a percentage of your earnings to pay the tax bill when it arrives
  • take screen shots of your receipts – make this a part of your daily routine and never lose a receipt again!

There are various accounting software packages and apps to help you do this.  If you don’t use one of these packages already, give them a try – your accountant will love you for it!


Fresh Books


Receipt Bank

Receipt Catcher


Keep on top

The government are looking into possibly making changes to tax returns for the self-employed, this may result in having to enter information quarterly – so there really is no better time to get organised.  Although doing this 4 times a year sounds like a drag, the thinking is the through this process it will be easier to calculate tax, therefore see less under payments that freelancers struggle to pay at the end of the financial year.  If you stay on top and get all the information to your accountant they will be able to provide a much more accurate tax predictor

Book a Financial Spring Clean

Contact WardWilliams Creative for a Financial Spring Clean.  They can look over either your personal or business accounts, and look at possible ways you can save time and money.  Don’t forget if you recommend a client you can get big discounts, anything from £50 to £1000, from your own bill.

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