Finding Creative Business Funding

One of the biggest challenges in the creative sector can be funding, and it’s something we often get asked about. Is there funding available? Is there specific creative or media funding to apply for? Is there specific creative business funding for London?

  • Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme
  • UK Innovation Investment Fund (UKIIF)
  • Crowdfunding

Not only are we able to answer all of these questions, we can also assist in the application and submission process. There are funds available, whether you are London based or not – and many of them are not widely known. We have helped a number of creative businesses find and obtain substantial funding from a variety of sources.

Funding for Creative and Media

Many businesses reach a point where they need to get hold of some cash, this could be initial setup costs for a new creative business, or to expand your creative enterprise. Other funds are available for purchases such as a particularly expensive bit of kit, or to stimulate investment finance to get a film in production or finish a video game.

Whatever your need we can provide creative funding ideas, advise on a suitable fund, demonstrate the options available, and offer guidance on applications.

Types of Funding for Creatives and their Businesses

There are more ways to raise finance now than ever before. No longer confined to traditional loans and investors, there is now access to grant funding, factoring, crowd funding and government schemes. We can help get what you need from the right place in good time.

Here are some examples of types of funding available:

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) offers great tax efficient benefits to investors in return for investment in small and early stage start-up businesses in the UK. This scheme has fast become one of the most revered government-backed schemes ever created.

Enterprise Investment Scheme

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is designed to help smaller higher-risk trading companies to raise finance by offering a range of tax reliefs to investors who purchase new shares in those companies.

UK Innovation Investment Fund (UKIIF)

UKIIF is a venture capital fund that aims to drive economic growth and create highly skilled jobs by investing in innovative businesses where there are significant growth opportunities. This fund is specifically geared to invest in technology-based businesses in sectors such as digital technologies, life sciences, clean technology and advanced manufacturing.


Investments come in the form of donations based on either goodwill or for product-based incentives, and there is no loss of shares. The source is low risk, as creating crowd fund campaigns are free and there are no repayment obligations.

Finding solutions for your creative funding needs

Time is money, so use our experience and expertise to guide you through all the funding options available to you. We have a number of partnerships with funding specialist, so no matter what your circumstances we can usually find a way to get you want you need.

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