Technology & Software

Tech companies, software, IT platforms…all require a lot of development, maybe you need help with systems or knowing what qualifies for an R&D claim or if you may qualify for an innovation grant or loan? Maybe just need someone to mange the spend each month to keep you in the black?

  • Innovation tax credits (R&D)
  • Innovation grants and loans
  • Support with finding funding

We know it’s high pressure and the money burns fast, we can help you keep on top of it, manage cash, provide monthly financial updates or put you in front of someone who may want to invest.

It’s hard enough building a tech business with all the possible pitfalls, don’t spend valuable energy being worried about the financials or what they might mean. Let us help you and free you up to focus on making your offering the best it can be, with effective controls and processes to keep you in the game.

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