We love Tech Start-Ups

We love start-ups. We love being there from the very beginning as we help our client’s turn their ideas into a business, and continue supporting them on their journey as their businesses thrive. To get from the idea to the thriving stage may seem daunting, but that’s what we’re here for.

In the beginning, there are many questions; how much does a start-up cost? What is involved on a day to day basis? How do I get investment for my tech start-up? Are there any grants or funds available for software start-ups? We are experts in this field and can support your business all the way.

  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Financial Planning
  • Finding Investors
  • Funding and Investment

How to get started

We have helped many London based start-ups in the technology and software industries. With our experience, we know what is required to get your tech product or service to market. We can provide all round support of running and growing your new business. In the initial stages, we can advise whether to be a sole trader, self-employed or to start a limited company, and explain the differences and benefits of each. We understand the options open to tech and software start-ups and can guide you to a successful business model.

Funding and Investment for London Tech Start-Ups

With Tech start-ups, in particular, there is a lot of back-end development. There are funds available for this type of business and we can help you get the most from them. Research and Development grants are perfect for Tech Start-ups. We can show you how to effectively keep records to get the most out of your R&D claim.

We can also advise on and help you apply for other types of funding. There are plenty of options open to tech start-ups as they are one of the most attractive for investment. Success stories from Deliveroo to Airbnb all show how successful Tech business can be, and there are plenty of investors wanting to be a part of the next big idea.

We can help secure an angel investor or venture capital for your tech start-up. We can also advise on using a fundraising platform like Kickstarter. There are also more traditional ways of sourcing investment such as from a bank or financial institution. We can help write a business plan to secure than investment.

There are also government-funded schemes for specific technologies, services or products. For example, the UK Games Fund can assist in many areas including prototype funding. There is also Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, who have generous funds available for specific types of business. We are able to help your application and have a proven track record of success with our talented clients.

Finding Investors

We have a bank of investors we have worked with the past to great success. We are always on the look-out for ideas we know they will love. Once we have secured investment for your tech start-up, we can then facilitate the issuing of shares.

Supporting your Start-Up

Create a Business Plan

An effective Business plan is essential for attracting investors. We are vastly experienced in this area and have seen the success with many of our clients. We will work with you to get the most effective plan together and create investment packs for potential investors.


Costs of a start-up, including tech start-ups, depend on a great many variables. However, we can assist and advise on cash flow management and forecasting. We can also help at the other end of the story when you are ready to sell your successful business we can provide valuations to take to market.

Begin your success story today

Get in touch, come and have a chat about your idea or small business. We will endeavour to provide all the support we can and experience we have to help you get to where you want to be with your project.

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