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Looking for an accountancy partner who can keep up with the fast paced, competitive and unpredictable nature of your agency? Ward Williams Creative are industry experts and recognised for their understanding of Marketing, PR and Advertising Agencies.

  • Flexible solutions to fit round projects
  • Job costing advice to increase profotability
  • Specialised industry knowledge and connections

We know that a conventional accountant just won’t cut it. The dynamic world of media agencies don’t run 9-5, there times of high stress with live deadlines, followed by more quiet periods. In your highly pressured market place, working project to project with long unpredictable hours, you need your accountant to be flexible and adapt to your business.

You wow the client, we’ll take care of the rest

Your projects are your focus. Whether it’s a press release or viral campaign, a new media craze or branding, we know that at times of high pressure you need to focus. A pitch or a live deadline takes priority over everything else.

During these times of creative intensity be reassured that the other side of your business is being taken care of. Don’t worry about the bookkeeping or annual accounts, that looming VAT return or due PAYE. We will deal with all of that whilst you wow your clients.

Project to project, we’re with you all the way

It requires a particular kind of person to work in this highly pressured industry. We respect the dedication and difficulties faced by frenetic schedules, working project to project with long hours and extended periods of travel. Whilst you’re staying on top of your game, our role is to be as flexible as possible, offering the right support and advice to add value to your agency.

Flexible solutions

The bottom line is to deliver the best output within budget. This margin will differ from project to project and will require flexibility from your accountant. At this busy time, we can help with job costing to make sure you maximise your profitability and productivity. We will take responsibility for your regulatory and statutory requirements and keep to HMRC deadlines

We take care of the tax man, you take care of the client.

Supporting London PR, Advertising and Marketing Agencies

We offer our detailed industry knowledge to get the best out of you and your company. We can help you source funding, claim the relevant tax relief and secure eligible grants. Many PR, Advertising and Marketing professionals don’t realise their business or project could qualify for Research & Development tax credits. The key is innovation – if your project is innovative in any way, there could be a tax credit available.

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We have more to offer than just accounting and tax advice. Having built a strong network of creative colleagues we want to help our clients’ ventures grow and succeed as well as keeping the books in order.

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