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Animal Dynamics

Animal Dynamics

One of the down sides of being a brilliant entrepreneur is that you end up juggling a lot of balls. The co Founder of Animal Dynamics is an excellent example, he had various projects on the go and was chasing up investors on different fronts, negotiating contracts, pushing development of new products, trying to get R&D claims under-way, managing the SEIS/ EIS document trail... it goes on and on. So he did the sensible thing, he called us in to take the bits he didn't need to do.

Alex Caccia, a successful entrepreneur, teamed up with Adrian Thomas, Professor of Bio-Mechanics at Oxford University, and together founded Animal Dynamics. Their aim is to develop a set of products and technologies based on evolutionary research into natural systems that enable high performance vehicles on land, water and in air.

Whilst Adrian concentrated on developing the technology and products, Alex’s focus was raising necessary funds, as well as honouring commitments to his other businesses and projects. Time was becoming a concern, particularly in relation to lengthy tasks such as book keeping and chasing HMRC for tax credits.

Ward Williams Creative were already working with Alex on other projects and assisting with bookkeeping and were able to offer additional support by managing the Research and Development tax claim and helping to ensure all the paperwork required for the Enterpise investment scheme and legal documents at Comapnies house regarding shareholders. . This enabled Alex to concentrate on projects, contracts and funding.

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