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Much is made of the future of this country as being dependent on being a knowledge-based economy, but actually, the real prospects are to be found not just in developing technology (often swept away by overseas interests) but in creativity.

There’s empirical evidence. British designers are in demand worldwide, and UK creative companies are involved in prestigious, innovative work across the globe.

The creative industries generate some £8billion of value to the UK, according to a government statistic, and are an intrinsic part of the knowledge-based economy which the country needs to continue to develop.

Here, in a series of interviews, we are going to be looking at those who see creativity as more than the generation and commercialisation of ideas, knowledge and information. These are businesses which are also innovators, in terms of ‘product’ and modus operandi for example, and are constantly pushing the boundaries.

A book commissioned by WardWilliams Creative examines the core characteristics of a creative company, and considers what would encourage more creative businesses to set up, and then develop and prosper.

And how as a nation, we can encourage creativity.


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