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Start ups need to focus on new business

Flux broadcast set up their company and were doing great but they were spending a lot of time on data entry and making sure boxes were ticked rather than getting out there and drumming up more business. They had heard they might be eligible for some tax relief but were not sure and they had a bundle of other questions that they needed answered.

A digital broadcasting company live streaming to TV standards, Flux Broadcast help businesses enhance their online video content and engage brands with a global audience.  Flux Broadcast delivers the highest quality live video on the internet, bringing content closer to the people.

One of the major problems faced when developing a new business is the ability to dedicate time to focus on clients without falling behind on processing. Once in that cycle it can be difficult to get out of. Flux needed to free up their time to concentrate on clients and new business without worrying about tax deadlines or payroll runs.

WardWilliams Creative were able to assist by taking over all monthly processing and providing regular, up to date financial information and support.

Safe in the knowledge that WardWilliams Creative were taking care of all their processing responsibilities, and providing them with up to date business information Flux were able to concentrate on their clients and develop new business.  Without the worry or stress of falling behind or missing a deadline they could chase those big jobs. Go get em guys!

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